How to Create the Perfect Bedroom with Pantone’s Colors of the Year

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How to Create the Perfect Bedroom with Pantone’s Colors of the Year

Nothing signals the start of a new year quite like a fresh look. As we welcome the hope and positivity of 2021, it’s the perfect time to think about how we want to look and feel in our homes. With many of us spending more and more time at home, our bedrooms – possibly the most important rooms we inhabit – should be places of comfort that energize and uplift us. Color has a magical ability to transform spaces, impact moods, and convey emotional powers. When used thoughtfully, the right combination of colors can bring hope and clarity into our lives. That’s why Pantone has carefully selected its 2021 colors to impart “a message of happiness supported by fortitude”. We’ve put together this article to share how you can create the perfect bedroom with Pantone’s colors of the year – PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating.


Introducing Pantone’s Colors of 2021

The selection of two colors for 2021 is intentional – designers at Pantone know that this year especially, we need to feel that things are going to get brighter. That’s why they’ve chosen to complement Ultimate Gray’s sense of serenity and dependability with Illuminating’s bright energy and good cheer. This dichotomy is both encouraging and uplifting, designed to give us the strength and resilience needed to move forward into the new year. If you feel like your bedroom could use an upgrade, read on for ideas on how to brighten the room with these two colors!

 “A marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting” – PANTONE


How to Decorate Your Bedroom with Ultimate Gray and Illuminating

Get playful with different shades, sizes, and textures

When working with two opposing colors, a variety of shades and intensities will add depth and richness to your room. Try overlapping your bed linens in a range of light to dark tones of one hue for an inviting and warm look. Pillows in varying sizes, shapes, and textures, such as plush velvets or silks, can create a luxurious layered effect that’s cozy and comforting. Rugs, window shades, or throws that include elements of both colors in scaled patterns can bring a sense of unity and softness into the space. 


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Let one color dominate while the other adds accent

If you’re opting for gray walls, floors, and furniture, hints of yellow in geometric prints on a rug or accessory will infuse the space with warmth and energy. A floating shelf adorned with a yellow print or decorative art tinted with yellow that’s placed against a gray backdrop can add a touch of vibrancy and aliveness. Complement neutral gray bedding by draping a quilted yellow throw at the end of the bed, or include a small yellow side table for a spark of cheer and optimism. This interplay of warm and cool will add vitality and balance to your bedroom.  


Incorporate natural materials and accent pieces

Cool and neutral gray tones can have a calming effect in a bedroom and pair beautifully with sunny and warming yellow. To enhance this relaxed vibe, incorporate the soothing qualities of foliage from indoor plants or natural features such as wood and woven materials. For a rustic chic look, go with a woven seagrass or jute plant basket to enliven gray tones. If you’re looking to add a touch of glam, a large accent mirror or metallic materials will give the gray extra shine and dimension. Be sure to include a favorite piece of art to add a burst of personality and express your unique sensibilities.   


Not only will adding these two colors to your bedroom bring feelings of strength and optimism, you’ll also see that sweet dreams are possible when you have a cozy and comforting place to lay your head!