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2019 Bedroom design trends

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2019 Bedroom design trends

If you are interested in interior design, style and beautiful objects, you are probably already on the lookout for the latest trends. Even if you don’t intend to completely change your decor, you may fantasize about a bedroom makeover and can always take inspiration from current trends to add  a few touches to your home! To help, this short article summarizes the decorative trends that will be all the rage in the bedrooms of 2019.

The colour of the year: coral

It is no great surprise that coral is taking its place in our interiors after Pantone named it colour of the year for 2019. We already offered our advice on how to integrate it into your decor in one of our articles. We love it for its warmth and the invigorating effect it gives us. It is virtually impossible to be unhappy in a room with coral accents!

But fir green is not to be outdone

We are moving away from pastel colours to dark tones (yes, yes!) and especially fir green! We like it for its richness and depth, which adds a touch of intensity to decoration. It should be used in small touches, on decorative objects or artwork for example, or by going for broke with a piece of fir green furniture, such as a sofa or armchair!

The return of corduroy

A key element in 1970s design, corduroy is making a strong comeback in our homes. Integrate it with pretty cushions on your bed, or with a cozy reading chair in a corner of your room. By combining it with more modern decor, it sheds its old-fashioned look which once reminded us of the peace and love years.

The ethnic bohemian

Although the “classic” bohemian trend is somewhat behind us, we now see a fusion of genres referred to as the ethnic bohemian. We like rattan touches, tribal prints and earthy colours,  not to mention plants!

The power of flowers

We want them everywhere –  printed on pretty cushions or throws, fresh in vases, or blossoming on plants – to enhance every corner of our interior. Many plants even have a purifying power on the air, which makes them ideal to place in the bedroom where we breathe deeply.

The Scandinavian style still going strong

Scandinavian style persists in 2019, but in a more authentic and warm version. Raw materials such as wood, cork, linen and even leather are favoured.  We like neutral tones and warm colours and more traditional pieces, which have a big place in this new version of the style! Take a look at our JUMP, Zedbed and Greensleep collection that are perfect for that Scandinavian vibe.

So, do these trends inspire you to change the decor of your bedroom? No matter what your tastes or style, you might find a way to integrate sparingly (or not!) at least one of these decorative trends.