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Alternatives to screens for a relaxing evening

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Alternatives to screens for a relaxing evening

As we know, our television screens and electronic devices (such as cell phones, tablets and computers) are harmful to our eyes. We all remember being told not to watch television too close when we were kids. However, it is only more recently – with the arrival of electronic devices for personal use – that studies have shown that the blue light emitted by the screens of these devices is harmful to our sleep.

You should try to limit your screen time as much as possible before going to bed, especially if you have difficulty falling asleep at night or if the quality of your sleep is not optimal,. But because our daily lives are filled with electronic displays, it can sometimes seem difficult to do without them, even if it’s only for a few hours. Here are some alternatives to screens that will help you have a relaxing evening. Not only that, they will help you fall asleep more easily and have a better quality of sleep at night.


Whether it’s reading a good novel, a gossip magazine, a cookbook or even a newspaper, reading will certainly help you relax. In addition to entertaining or educating yourself, reading will tire your eyes and make it easier for you to plunge into Morpheus’ arms.

Consult our reading suggestions « “in the library”. ».

Play board games

Take the opportunity to connect with your partner or family with a board game. We always have fun with a game of Uno or a traditional card game. Friendly advice: avoid Monopoly if you want to keep the peace in your family! 😉

Do you live alone or have trouble enlisting your family members? Turn to Solitaire, Sudoku or hidden words!

Do manual activities

Discover a new passion for knitting, crochet, painting or jewellery design! Exercise different parts of your brain using your manual skills. Enjoy creating objects that will enhance your home or that you can offer as gifts to your loved ones. Just be careful to choose activities that are more relaxing than stimulating for you.


Music, podcasts, audio books, guided meditations… the possibilities are endless! Whether your eyes are closed or you’re in a room that is conducive to relaxation, simply let yourself be carried away by sound.

Take care of yourself

Whether it’s a good shower or bubble bath, a face mask, body exfoliation, manicure, or applying body or face creams, take time for a little wellness routine before going to bed. You will feel good and avoid the use of screens.

With all these options, you should have no trouble replacing screens at night.  These other activities could be as exciting, if not more exciting, than your device! You may even discover a new passion for yourself. Who knows?!