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5 good reasons to choose a bed with no headboard

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5 good reasons to choose a bed with no headboard

Why are some beds sold without headboards? This kind of bed certainly matches specific layouts and original decors. You’ll find 5 good reasons to choose a bed with no headboard in this article.

Mansard roof

A mansard roof (see the picture above) gives a stunning look in a bedroom. However, it could be a challenge when arranging it. Where should the bed go so you can still enjoy this steep roof’s stunning look? If placed strategically, a bed with no headboard could be the main attraction in the bedroom. Fantastic!

A big window

If there is a really big window in the bedroom, it could be hard to find a bed that will perfectly fit. In this case, a bed with a headboard wouldn’t work. Choose a bed without a headboard so that it won’t go over the window sill, as shown in the picture below. Your head will be up in the clouds!

A decorated wall

Instead of having a headboard, you could decide to decorate the wall. In order to do this, there are many options available. Such as original tracings, a set of frames strategically placed or paint on the wall… you can be the master of your beautiful bedroom.

A decorative pillow layout

If you are a fan of total comfort, you could have a decorative pillow layout instead of having a headboard. By adding a set of decorative pillows on the bed, your bedroom will look comfortable. Cocooning fans, this is for you!

A textured wall

Do you have a textured wall or a patterned wall? If so, you could prefer to have a bed without a headboard for your bedroom. This will make room for the textured wall, and you wouldn’t be under the impression that you have overdone it. It is simplicity at its best!

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Why do you prefer a bed with no headboard?