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Sleep better : The Top 12 Tips from Blogging Moms for a Better Sleep – Part 1

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Sleep better : The Top 12 Tips from Blogging Moms for a Better Sleep – Part 1

When we become parents, we say goodbye to the calm nights we once enjoyed. In order to help you sleep better as a parent, we’ve collected the best advice from mom bloggers who understand what you’re going through. If you have tips of your own to help other parents, please share it with us on our Facebook page or in the comments section below.

1- Marie-Noelle at Marginale et Heureuse

At night, I need to make sure that my mind isn’t running through ideas and things to do, like a hamster on a wheel. So I keep an agenda in which I can write down precisely all that I need to do and a notebook to write down some of the ideas I have in mind for work. This way I make sure I can sleep more soundly.

2- Josianne at Être Radieuse

For a restorative sleep, I spray the mattress, drapes and of course your child’s beloved stuff toys with lavender oil. Do it a few minutes before you go to bed. It promotes calm and tranquility. Also, a lavender oil massage after reading in the evening is a nice addition to the routine. This will help everyone- toddlers and adults- enjoy a better sleep, naturally. You could also use a diffuser to diffuse lavender oil throughout the day. The result? An ambiance of calm, thanks to the smell of lavender throughout your home.

3- Annie at Le Petit Monde de Ginger

Having been a mother for 10 years, breastfeeding on demand and a practitioner of co-sleeping, I rarely get a full night’s rest. However, it doesn’t really affect me so much. Why? Because my partner gets up at night if one of the kids wakes up. He has the good fortune to be able to fall back asleep quickly. Because I can stay in bed, I don’t often remember having woken up to nurse. To my surprise, I sometimes wake up to find 1 or 2 kids in my bed…

4- Céline at Mam’Conseils

I like to prepare a good part of the next morning’s breakfast (table set, bottle ready, coffee maker ready to go) so that when I wake up I’m not in such a rush. I also get the kids’ clothes ready after their bath, this way we avoid having to run around in the morning. I’m often afraid of forgetting something, which can disturb my sleep, so I’ll make little notes and put them by the phone. That way, those things don’t get stuck in my head all night.

5- Marie-Andrée at La Vie avec mon Zucchini (et cie!)

I have 4 kids and since I’m very, very lazy, I choose to do co-sleeping. It allows me to rest relatively well, in spite kids who only decide they can sleep through the night at age 2, and not a moment before! So, instead of investing in a cradle, I opted to buy a super big mattress. Best purchase of my life! Now, even though I have kids coming to find me during the night I can sleep peacefully. Well, almost!

6- Julie at Maman Boulot, Dodo

I’m unfortunately familiar with insomnia, but I like to have a memory foam mattress to be comfortable. I use an app where I chose ambient sounds and music that I can program. Concentrating on these sounds helps me to not think so much and to fall asleep sooner than usual. Acupuncture has also been a big help to activate my melatonin and to help me feel more relaxed before bed.

What are your tips to sleep better as a parent?