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Ensure daily caffeination with the best coffees on the Plateau Mont-Royal

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Les meilleurs cafés du Plateau Mont-Royal pour ta dose quotidienne de caféine

Ensure daily caffeination with the best coffees on the Plateau Mont-Royal

Late night? Couldn’t sleep? Need a good dose of caffeine to keep your eyes open and brain sharp? Look no further! This list of the Plateau Mont-Royal’s best coffee will hit the spot.


Café Myriade 

If you’re looking for a cool place, but not “too cool”, the Myriad could be for you! They say it themselves: no one will judge how you drink your coffee, the music is typically good and the staff is happy to serve you! Top quality coffee and local pastries – no wonder it’s a staple in the neighbourhood! 

Café Névé

If you live on the Plateau, you certainly know Cafe Névé — it’s an institution! We go for the atmosphere, the design of the place, the music, but above all, the cookies! If you have a sweet tooth, it’s a must stop for gigantic chocolate chip cookies!

Café Melbourne

Besides needing a coffee, did you also skip breakfast? Dip into Café Melbourne for some Lucky Charms, served with your coffee! Veryspontaneous , we bet this places will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day! Brunch is also completely decadent! 

Café Replika

A charming Montreal cafe with excellent service! We like to spend afternoon there working or studying, sipping good coffee and enjoying their homemade pastries!

Picnic Café

Located in the Cyclists’ House, it is the stop to make if you are on a bike! In addition to a coffee, you can grab a quick lunch to go or treat yourself to one of their lavender creations, like lemonade or a brownie!

Café Montréal - Meilleur endroit - JUMP - Plateau

Café Paquebot

There are three branches of Paquebot Cafe in Montreal, including one on the Plateau next to Jeanne-Mance Park. In 2018, they won the best roaster and third wave coffee awards. Need we say more?

Café Reine Garçon

Whether it’s for one of the best coffees in town or to enjoy one of their many homemade delicacies, you won’t regret a stop at Café Reine Garçon. The two owners often use family recipes to concoct the best treats for us. We love it!

La Dépendance

If you want a dose of beauty and inspiration, you must absolutely stop at La Dépendance. More than a cafe, it is also a bookstore, shop,conference space and workshop. Their selection of teas is outstanding. It’s the perfect place to spend the day working and nurturing your creativity!

Café tendance - Montréal - JUMP - Plateau

Le Club Espresso Bar

Another dream place for cycling enthusiasts! Under the same roof, you will find an espresso bar, a bicycle repair shop and a bicycle shop. If there’s one place in town where you won’t feel weird sipping your latte in bike shorts, it’s here!

Le Café Moineau Masqué

A charming little neighbourhood cafe, we love the pretty little terrace during the summer! The employees are super friendly and welcoming, the coffee is delicious and the pastries are good to the last crumb! 

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