How Firm or Soft Should Your Mattress Be?

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How Firm or Soft Should Your Mattress Be?

How Firm or Soft Should Your Mattress Be?

When looking into buying a mattress you need to consider the firmness and decide how firm or soft your mattress should be. When deciding on the firmness of the mattress you should consider your sleeping habits as well as any pain points throughout your body that you might have. If you sleep on your back or side you might want to invest in a memory foam mattress. If you need more support you may need a hybrid mattress that provides comfort and good coil support.

Sleeping Habits  

The decision of firmness level is crucial in the mattress search process. Because firmness is somewhat arbitrary, what one person considers to be pleasant may be perceived by another as being either too soft or too firm. It will take some trial and error to find the stiffness level that best suits your needs, but there are several crucial things to know before beginning. First, compare your current mattress sleeping experience to previous mattress sleeping experiences you’ve had at hotels and on different types of mattresses. You will also want to take into account if you are a hot or cold person and how that affects your sleep.   

Benefits of Firm Mattresses

A firm mattress will provide support and prevent any sort of sinking in during the night. Each sleeper’s weight and height will have an impact on how different firmness levels feel. In general, heavier individuals like firmer beds. Soft foams could be too prone to sinking in for adequate comfort. In contrast, lightweight sleepers might prefer firmer beds as the mattress sinks in less.

Benefits of Soft Mattresses

When looking into soft mattresses it is important to note that many soft mattresses have gel or memory foam layers which provide an added layer of comfort and support when it comes to gel. Memory foam conforms to the body’s weight, size and shape to provide a soft, gentle place to lay down. 

As always, when buying a mattress or new piece of furniture do your research. A mattress is meant to last over 10 years so you will want to see it as an investment in your health and your home. Investigate which type of mattress is best for you and your sleeping patterns as well as any potential health issues you may see in the future.