Bring the Outdoors in with Plants and Spring Decor

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Bring the Outdoors in with Plants and Spring Decor

Bring the Outdoors in with Plants and Spring Decor

Spring is in the very near future and one of the most exciting parts of spring is watching plants and flowers bloom. You can bring the beauty of spring and the outdoors inside with a few simple changes that will elevate your mood and increase productivity. The following pieces are the perfect add-ons to turn your bedroom into a dream.

Flowers in Bloom

Spring brings out the most beautiful colors of nature and the flowers are in bloom. Bringing fresh flowers inside will add beautiful colors to your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Flowers offer fresh scents and can be changed out depending on theme, holiday or mood. Fresh flowers are a great way to spruce up a room.

Indoor Plants

There are many benefits to bringing plants into your home. Some plants work as insect repellents while other plants emit antimicrobial particles that clean your air. Indoor plants are a way to bring the outdoors in while also providing multiple benefits to you and those living in your home.

Natural Flooring

Natural wood and bamboo floors replicate the outdoors and are another great way to bring the outdoors in. Natural wood floors are complimentary with many different types of furniture and accent pieces and can really tie a room together.

Rattan Furniture and Accessories

Rattan furniture is naturally made from bamboo and other organic materials. Rattan furniture was quite popular in the 70s and has made quite a big comeback. Rattan furniture and accessories look great with indoor plants and soft colors like light greens or blues.

Natural Light

Make use of the natural light in your home and open up the windows or curtains.

Natural light promotes wellness and elevates mood and demeanor. If you must have blinds or curtains make sure they are not black out and cover them in white or linen fabrics.

Bringing the outdoors inside is easy with the right pieces. Focus on natural elements, soothing sights and fresh scents to make the ultimate outdoors experience inside.