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Five Fall Essentials for Any Bedroom

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Five Fall Essentials for Any Bedroom

Five Fall Essentials for Any Bedroom

Fall is here and with its arrival comes new decor and bedroom essentials. Time to switch out the summer duvets and lightweight blankets for a heavier comforter and darker neutral tones. Trends this fall are all about bold colors with deep orange,red and brown in the spotlight. Layering and natural textiles are a must with trendsetters this autumn. The following essentials will keep your bedroom in line with the hottest trends this fall.

Chunky Blankets

Nothing says fall like a chunky blanket, use this blanket as a throw over an armchair or the edge of your bed to complete your bedroom. Soft knit or cable blankets add a nice touch to a layered look and oversized braids scream fall. To really capture the fall vibes go with muted jewel or natural tones.


Natural textiles

This fall is all about bringing the outdoors in with ivy wallpapers and natural accent rugs. Chindi rugs are incredibly popular and offer a nice pop of color among neutral tones. Textured linen offers a clean natural look that can be used for curtains, drapes and even duvets.


Velvet Throw Pillows

Another hot trend is velvet throw pillows. Throw pillows add the perfect pops of color and decor to pull together any bedroom set. Throw pillows can be used as vanity cushions, armchair pillows and to top off your bedding set. Round tufted velvet throw pillows give your room a retro and vintage vibe that is on trend right now. Velvet also adds a touch of luxury to any room so if you are going for glam be sure to add a few velvet pillows!


Matching wall sconces

Wall sconces are back! Minimalism and focusing on creating a unique space is what current trends are all about. The more time we have in our homes the more we want to make them our own. Wall sconces add a splash of flair and style that is uniquely yours and add soft lighting replacing bulky lamps and outdated ceiling lighting. Matching wall sconces allow you to create an intimate atmosphere for reading and even charging your phone. The more modern sconces are multifunctional and can hook up to the technology around your house for user ease.


Vintage accent pieces

Style and trends have a way of coming back full circle and that is exactly what is sufrancing right now. Mid Century modern accent pieces are making a huge comeback in the bedroom. Low dressers with sliding side walls made from oak or other light woods are very in right now as well as gold handles and accents. Buffets are being repurposed as storage while hutches are being turned into headboards. To make a piece of your own shop at a local vintage or thrift store and repurpose a credenza or console in bold autumnal tones to give your bedroom a bold new look.


Make a list and start planning your fall changes for your bedroom. These small changes will help bring in the autumn vibes and get you into the pumpkin spice and Halloween spirit!