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The Best Advice for Relaxation from 13 Bloggers – Part 1

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The Best Advice for Relaxation from 13 Bloggers – Part 1

The Best Advice for Relaxation from 13 Bloggers – Part 1

Following our series, “Top 12 Tips from Blogging Moms for a Better Sleep”, we had the idea to ask our favourite bloggers what they do to relax. What are their favourite ways to unwind? How do they reconnect with themselves? Discover their answers in this article that we hope will inspire you to take some time for yourself. Do you have other suggestions? Let us know on our Facebook page.


1-Maman Rebelle at Cocoon Bien Naître

While thinking about the word “relax”, a lot of ideas come to mind. First, I think of taking a bath with lavender oil to soothe my body; meditating while listening to soft music to reconnect with my spirit; a jog in the park to release tension; a massage using tennis balls to ease muscle soreness; and finally, there is nothing better for relaxation than enjoying a glass of wine while watching “Bridget Jones’ Diary” or the new Quebecois series, “Mon Ex à Moi”! It’s a great way to stop thinking, to laugh and take a breather for an hour and a half or two. You can share this time with girlfriends to increase your enjoyment, and to talk about anything and everything. As a bonus, you can always add pizza or a bowl of popcorn.

2- Catherine at La Mammifère

It’s not always easy to relax when you’re a stay-at-home mom, freelance writer and blogger. When I feel the need, I switch off, if only for a few hours. There’s nothing better than to put away the screens for a while, go for a family walk or simply get outside to play. Afterwards, the motivation returns like magic!

Also, when everyone is asleep, I try to take a moment for some meditation. It’s a great tool to relax and manage stress, and also to get a better sleep!

3- Julie at Pure Laine (boutique)

I decided to reserve Wednesdays to write. So, for the last several weeks, each Wednesday I write while sitting at my favourite restaurant (there’s wi-fi!). I’ll get something to eat, listen to music, write and relax, at last! There’s nothing like getting out of the house to really take a break.

What are your best ways to relax?