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The Best Advice for Relaxation from 13 Bloggers – Part 2

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The Best Advice for Relaxation from 13 Bloggers – Part 2

In the first part of this series on relaxation, we shared with you three pieces of advice. This week, we continue with another three tips for unwinding from some of our favorite bloggers. We hope it’ll inspire you to take some time for yourself!

4-Lucie at

I have an atypical working schedule that forces me at times to work long hours without a break. My trick for relaxing when I get home is to take a bath- usually that my partner has run for me- sprinkled with Epsom salt and some drops of lavender oil. I slip in and enjoy the sound of soothing music with the lights dimmed. Sometimes, I’m lucky to get a massage, too!

5- Julie at Escargot et Coquille

With 3 young kids, time for myself is rare. Every time I “plan” a day to relax tomorrow or next week, there’s always something that comes up: a sick child, an unexpected appointment, an outing, etc.

So, when I really need time to rest, I delegate to daddy! I am fortunate to have a wonderful man that is very present in our family life. So I leave the kids in his hands while I go lock myself in the bedroom. I get out my headphones, put on my favourite music and do what I want, like playing games on my cell or just laying in bed.

6- Catherine at MomRdy2Go

When I need to take a break, I make a little cocoon for myself. I take time my time running a hot bath with my favourite bath bomb from Lush, lighting my precious stress relief candle from Bath and Body Works; I exfoliate and use hydrating masks all while reading a good book. I love books by Valérie Chevalier; you can read them in small doses (perfect for moms) or in one go when you have a little more time. When I need to take a break from the life of being a mom with 4 kids, the winning combination for me is to read and take care of myself in a soothing atmosphere.

When do you treat yourself to moments of relaxation?