5 problems you can address to improve your sleep

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5 problems you can address to improve your sleep

Do you often spend nights with poor sleep quality, trying to fall asleep or getting back to sleep? You shouldn’t experience that nor should you bear the discomfort.

The lack of sleep that accumulates can have serious consequences on your health: increase in stress, irritability, concentration difficulties and more. To help you improve your sleep, we have prepared this article. Here are a few samples of common problems to explore in order to increase the quality of your nights, thus increasing your well-being throughout the day!

1 – Sleep disorders

Do you suffer, like many people do, from sleep disorders? Whether your problems are related to sleep apnea, to insomnia, restless legs syndrome, or other sleep disorders? If so, we recommend you don’t wait for the symptoms to aggravate, and to consult a medical professional to get a proper diagnosis. In the meantime, you might want to check out the article on 10 resources to help you sleep better if you suffer from sleep disorders.

2 – Bad sleep routine

In order to consistently get a good quality sleep, the most common practice is to have a bedtime routine. As often as possible, go to bed at the same time and also get up at the same time. You can experiment to create a routine with rituals that suit you. You could, for instance, have a period of relaxation before going to bed, such as reading before falling asleep. You could also try a few techniques of yoga or meditation.  The best routine is the one that suits you and that gives great results!

3 – Technology in the bedroom

Avoid bringing your electronic devices (phone or tablet) in the bedroom and avoid installing a TV set in your cozy nest. You might be inclined to think that the TV helps you fall asleep more quickly, but what you’re doing is encouraging long-term bad sleep habits.

4 – Bad life hygiene

If your bedroom is full of dust, you may have difficulty breathing and getting good quality sleep. In addition, if your room is not welcoming, you will not like to spend time there to relax and restore your energy. Clean your room and make sure you are comfortable in your living space. You will notice a big difference. And why not add a fresh touch to your environment with beautiful flowers on the bedside table? Spoil yourself, you deserve it!

5 – Lack of comfort

After health, comfort is the most important element for a good night sleep. If you are sleeping for years on a mattress that needs to be changed, that is not suitable for your sleeping position or a mattress that you simply don’t like, you will be surprised of how much the quality of your sleep will increase after changing it. The same goes for the pillow: it must be of high quality and have the right comfort level to make your nights dreamy. Feel free to visit us in store to discuss comfort issues with our advisors, trained to answer all your questions.