5 blog articles to better understand sleep

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5 blog articles to better understand sleep

What do you know about sleep? Sleep remains, for ordinary mortals, very mysterious. Yet we all sleep! In order to help you better understand sleep, we have gathered 5 articles you can consult. Maybe they will help you better understand what happens every night, and so, spend better nights in the arms of Morpheus…

NB. Some articles linked in this article are in french.

Sleep – shed light on our nightlife

Here is an excellent record on everything related to sleep, its importance and its impact on health. This research file is created by Inserm, a public institution of a scientific and technological nature, under the double supervision of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Research. It is therefore an excellent source of information.

5 problems you can address to improve your sleep

Understanding what can affect your sleep is absolutely necessary for a good night’s rest. This article, written on our blog, will help you defeat the enemies of sleep. Finally, a restful sleep!

Dreaming: the fascinating world of dreams

To understand the complex world of dreams, here is an excellent scientific record 14 pages long. It explores several questions that arise about dreams by answering them scientifically. A must read, absolutely!

What’s in a mattress: the lexicon of the mattress

To improve your sleep, nothing better than being more comfortable! When buying your new mattress, understand the lexicon used, to ensure you make a good purchase. Of course, do not hesitate to ask our advisors for help, they will gladly take the time to explain the terms used in the description of a mattress.

8 tips to recover after a sleepless night, a night of insomnia or a bad night’s sleep

What are the causes of insomnia? Knowing how to recognize them will help you avoid situations that make you feel sleep-deprived. An article from our blog.


What would you like to better understand in the world of sleep? Feel free to send us your suggestions in the comments.