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Where in the world you should live… according to your sleeping habits

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Voici où dans le monde tu devrais habiter selon tes habitudes de sommeil

Where in the world you should live… according to your sleeping habits

jumpbed-habitudes-sommeilHave you ever wondered about living in a country other than Canada? People choose their country of residence for many reasons, but what about sleep? For your reading and dreaming pleasure, here is where in the world you would be best suited as a resident according to your sleeping habits.


Are you a fan of afternoon naps?

Head to Spain, the country famous for inventing the siesta over a thousand years ago! It was first created to allow workers to escape the hottest hours, helping them recharge their batteries and be more efficient for the rest of the day. It is now considered more a luxury than a necessity, but the practice remains very common in Spain, as it is in several countries with warmer climates.

Does sleeping in public  intrigue you?

You’d be in good company in Japan! For the Japanese, sleeping in public is encouraged, because it means you are someone who works hard and needs a little rest. These short naps are called “inemuri”.

Nothing like fresh air to put you to sleep?

In Norway, in particular, people make their babies sleep outside, even during very cold winter weather! Norwegians think it’s good for babies’ health, and they take care to dress them well,of course! If you like sleeping outdoors, or in the cold, this could be the place for you!

You only swear by firm mattresses?

The popular belief in China is that sleeping on a firm mattress supports the back better and thus provides better sleep. Take note all you firm mattress lovers!

Do you sleep naked?

According to a study by the National Sleep Foundation, nearly a third of Britain’s population sleeps naked, making it one of the countries with the highest rate recorded. Like sleeping in the buff?  You wouldn’t feel out of place if you lived there!

Are you unable to keep a regular sleep schedule?

Living in Botswana would certainly make you happy! There are people there who do not sleep when it is dark, but simply when they feel the need. It takes a rather atypical work schedule to get there, but nothing is impossible!

Do you sleep with your pets?

If yes, the United States may be for you, with 71% of people confirming that they sleep with their dog at night. Of course, we do not discriminate and cats are also allowed!

Do you sleep and rise early?

Then, perhaps you’ll hear the call of Belgium! A survey of bedtimes of people from more than 20 countries found that Belgian women go to bed and get up earlier than respondents from all other countries. If you like to go to bed early – and especially if you are a woman – you would fit in well with the sleeping habits of this country!

Do you like to sleep… a lot?

The big sleepers are the Dutch! According to a study conducted in 2016, the Dutch sleep the most, with an average of 8.05 hours per night. If you like to sleep for a long time, move there as soon as possible and blend into the culture!


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