Five elements to brighten up any space

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Five elements to brighten up any space

Five elements to brighten up any space

Fall and winter are coming and with these seasons comes a darker aesthetic. If you are looking to keep the light and brightness of summer and spring in your home, there are several ways in which you can incorporate bright elements to keep your space light and airy.Think about what makes summer and spring so bright; white lights, bright colors, open spaces and ambient lighting help illuminate any space.The following are five elements that help to brighten up any space in your home! 

Bright Colored Textiles  

Bright colored textiles are key to making any space feel illuminated. Look at bright hues of purple, pink, green and blue to fill the room with elements of color. Add accent textiles like a bright colored velour pillow or throw blanket to turn any neutral colored bedding or furniture piece into a vivid show piece. Pull a room together with hints of green and blue to add an extra colorful sparkle.  

Ambient Light 

Lighting is the finishing touch to a room and providing an ambiance that is illuminating and mimics sunlight is essential to a bright room. When searching for lights, look for warm white bulbs and accent lamps. Use lamps strategically throughout the room in spaces that are crowded or dark to open up those areas. 

White Furniture 

White furniture not only helps make a home look modern and trendy it also helps to brighten up any space. White furniture when placed in an accented layout pulls the eye away from dark corners or crevasses and helps open up spaces. White accent furniture like night stands, arm chairs and even benches placed in front of a bed make a room look wider which makes the room open and airy. 


Smell is an incredibly strong human sense and can change perception of a space. To make a space feel bright add aromatherapy in citrus or lavender fragrances. Citrus fragrances are associated with summer and bring them to a time of beaches and sunlight whereas lavender is a calming element.   

Bright Rugs and Decor 

Adding rugs that are drenched in bright colors really opens up spaces and makes them feel fun and colorful. Hints of bright colored decor strewn about a room will also illuminate the space. Do not go overboard with the decor and rugs but place small pieces around the room to add color.  

Brightening up your space can elevate your mood and keep you warm and cozy during the cold months. Look at bright colors, white light and furniture to open up your space.