What are the benefits of Bed in a Box

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What are the benefits of Bed in a Box

What are the benefits of Bed in a Box

A mattress is a staple in every home and it is where you spend most of your nights and even some mornings. Finding the right mattress is vital to having a restful sleep and to ensure your body is rejuvenated for the next day. Bed in box mattresses provide new technology that takes away the bulk, pain and increases the lifespan of the mattress. If you are looking for a mattress that is comfortable, easy to transport and budget friendly, a bed in a box mattress may be the perfect fit for you. 


When it comes to shopping for a mattress there is a wide range of pricing. If you are looking for quality and reasonable pricing a bed in a box is one of the best options. Bed in box mattresses do not skimp on comfort and quality while also keeping pricing in a reasonable and affordable option.    


A comfortable mattress makes for a restful night’s sleep. Bed in a box mattresses are often formed with memory and gel foam which are some of the most comfortable materials. Memory and gel foam form to your body while you sleep and offer a slight firmness for support. Gel mattresses are comfortable for most sleepers and keep you cool during the night. 


A high quality mattress will last many years. Bed in a box mattress are high quality and meant to last up to 12 years. To keep your mattress for many years you should read the care instructions and follow manufacturer guidelines. Bed in box mattresses are easy to care for and clean adding to their lifespan. A good mattress protector and a good solid base are manufacture recommendations on keeping your mattress in great condition.


One of the major benefits of bed in a box mattresses is their ease in transport. When you place an order for the mattress it will be shipped in a box that is easy to move in your home and is compact to prevent bulky boxes or having to pivot or maneuver large mattresses into a room. If and when it is time to move, the mattresses are flexible and easy to move throughout your home which is great if you are moving on your own or with minimal help.   

Bed in box mattresses are a new and innovative way to spruce up your bedroom. Bed in box mattresses are high quality, budget friendly and easy to transport.