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How to sleep better: six tips for getting a better sleep when you’re fighting a cold or flu

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How to sleep better: six tips for getting a better sleep when you’re fighting a cold or flu

Winter is upon us and, a small downside to the excitement and frenzy of the holiday season is that cold and flu season is in full swing. It is important to be well rested as there is a lot of activity this season and it would be a shame if a cold or flu prevented you from sleeping well and enjoying your well deserved rest.

To help you still have a good night’s sleep, here are our six tips to sleep better with a cold or the flu.

1- Get a humidifier

Did you know that a humidifier can greatly reduce your symptoms and help your breathing? The ideal moisture content is about 50%. Several models are available for under $ 100 in popular stores. You’ll definitely be happy you bought one and it will become a must even when you are not sick.

2- Talk to your pharmacist

Take advantage of the expertise and good advice readily available from your pharmacist. If you explain your symptoms, they will advise you an appropriate drug that will contribute to your wellbeing and better sleep. Do not be shy; your health comes first!

3- Take a warm bath with essential oils

When you are sick, a hot bath will not only help you relax, but adding a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil will help clear your airways and reduce your discomfort. Try it without fail!

4- Drink a hot drink

Our suggestion: thyme and lemon tea, a natural remedy that relieves the symptoms of colds and flu. If you find this too bitter to drink, you can also incorporate more lemon. Here are other beverage recipes that promote good sleep.

5- Sleep in an elevated position

Some people opt for an extra pillow to sleep in an elevated position to facilitate easier breathing and decrease the frequency of awakenings caused by congestion. An adjustable bed base can also offer a much higher comfort in several circumstances.

Check out our great selection of adjustable beds for the best comfort available!

6- Prepare a small survival kit

On your bedside table, gather the essentials you need to fight the symptoms of colds and flu so that you don’t have to get up at night. Handkerchiefs with lotion, drugs recommended by the pharmacist, cream or aloe to pamper your little nose and a glass of water will come in handy when placed within reach.

We hope our tips will help you sleep well despite your cold or flu. We wish you to be well , healthy and comfortable!

Do you have tips for sleeping well with the cold or flu to share with us? Do not hesitate!