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Preconceptions about mattresses?

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Preconceptions about mattresses?

Preconceptions about mattresses?

You’ve probably seen the trend on YouTube and Instagram where influencers respond to their subscribers’ preconceptions about them. We are ultra-transparent at JUMP, so we decided to do the same, but with our mattresses! We’re going to address your preconceptions one at a time! Here we go!

1. Firm mattresses are better

This myth is persistent, especially when it comes to sleep-related back pain. However, the ideal firmness for you may not necessarily be the same for someone else. Your decision should be influenced by the position in which you sleep as much as any existing pain, or simply by your personal preference.

2. A more expensive mattress is a better quality mattress

This is the case for some, but not all. The prices of some stores or brands do not necessarily reflect the quality of the mattresses they sell. So you may pay too much for a product that is not worth it.

3. The more layers, the better!

Not necessarily. It depends a lot on the materials used to form these layers! At JUMP, our mattresses are composed of 3 layers:

  • The support foam, which forms the base of the mattress. It is a high-density foam and provides reliable support, regardless of weight or sleeping position.
  • Transition foam, which allows a progressive transfer of energy between the JUMP-AIR foam and the support base.
  • JUMP-AIR foam, a high quality foam that follows the contour of the body and reduces pressure points, movement transfer and temperature changes.

4. Nothing is more comfortable than memory foam

This is not true for all sleepers. Although some people really appreciate the comfort of memory foam, it is not the most comfortable material for everyone.

We are convinced that memory foam is a thing of the past thanks to our new JUMP-AIR foam, which is nothing short of revolutionary. It follows the natural shape of your body, fully supporting your lower back, allowing all muscles to relax completely and release tension.

5. A mattress has a 10 year life span

Unfortunately, not necessarily. Not all mattresses are designed equally and some lower quality mattresses have to be replaced well before the famous 10 years! The way you maintain it will also greatly vary its lifespan!

6. You must turn your mattress over regularly

No, no, no, no! Not JUMP mattresses! As the JUMP-AIR foam layer is on top, do not turn our mattress over. Instead, rotate it 180 degrees every 6 months or so.

7. Shopping for a mattress is long and boring

It doesn’t have to be, not now that mattresses in a box exist. Nothing could be easier. You can do it all from the comfort of your home! Order via the website, wait 2 to 7 working days for our box to be delivered and then let the mattress regain its shape before spending your first night in bliss!

So, did we succeed in destroying some of your preconceptions about mattresses? We really hope so! Any further questions? Consult our FAQ or contact us!