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Pillows at Matelas Bonheur: 4 Brands to Discover

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Pillows at Matelas Bonheur: 4 Brands to Discover

At Matelas Bonheur, your comfort is our pleasure! For a solid sleep, it’s important to have a pillow that is comfortable and adapted to your posture. Whether it’s time to change your pillow or you just want to know how to pick the right one, you’ll enjoy this article.


Starting at $64.95

Oxygène’s vast pillow collection is sure to have something for everybody.  Their anti-allergy, responsive and fluffy pillows, can respond to a wide variety of needs and sleeping habits. 

Green Sleep

Starting at $199.95

Green Sleep’s Ergo 6500 is a unique pillow padded with shredded rubber. This makes for a medium-firm pillow that can adjust itself to your individual needs. The pillowcase is made of 100% organic cotton sateen quilted to a layer of Texel virgin wool giving it thermoregulation properties. It’s an excellent choice for sleepers who tend to get hot during the night.


Starting at $249.95

Technogel pillows have a patented gel layer molded together with memory foam. Their pillows disperse body heat and adapt to your shape. They’re made in Italy with particular attention to detail.


Starting at $129.95

Zedbed pillows are hypoallergenic, preventing the build-up of mites, and are made for all kinds of sleepers.  Choose from a wide selection of comfortable, supportive pillows that will suit your body shape and needs.

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