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Environment : 5 tips for greener sleeping

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Environment : 5 tips for greener sleeping

Did you know you could make your sleep more environmentally friendly while improving your comfort and wellbeing? If you are intrigued, this week’s blog post is for you! Here are our five tips for a greener sleep.

1- Use a clothesline

We all have the habit of using a dryer for all linens in the household, but a clothesline is more environmentally friendly and economical, and it will give a totally fresh smell to your bedding. Since a clothesline costs ten dollars, what are you waiting for to buy one or use the one you have more often? Take advantage of the remaining good weather to try it out!

2- Recycle your old mattress

Each year between 300,000 and 400,000 mattresses are thrown away in Quebec and they mainly end up in the landfill. When buying a new mattress, you might be tempted to think that your old one is worthless. By recycling your mattress however, metal, wood, cotton, felt, polyester, foam and fabric can be recovered and have a second life. Sometimes even second hand mattresses are also given to community organizations that are in great need.

Psst! At Matelas Bonheur, we are happy to help you recycle your old mattresses for only $20 per mattress!

3- Buy local

Quebec produces comfortable, durable and unique mattresses we can be proud of! When you buy a new mattress, consider buying one from Quebec. Mattresses manufactured in Quebec and brands such as MatTech and Zedbed are top buyer’s preferences according to a study published in Protégez-Vous.

4- Opt for Green Sleep products

More and more manufacturers are opting to create greener products for sleep! Among others, the ecological mattress and covers by Green Sleep are 100% organic. This company also manufactures other green sleeping products.. Ask a Matelas Bonheur representative at a branch nearest to you to discover all the ecological sleep products available for your home.

5- Reduce your use of air conditioning

To avoid being exposed to ailments such as stiff neck, sore throat, runny nose, headache, dry eyes and muscle cramps, the human body shouldn’t be subjected to warm temperature differences of more than eight degrees celsius between outside and inside of your home. In short, reducing the use of air conditioning is a great idea especially for your health and for the environment! The best way to cool a room is to use a moderately-powered fan in combination with fresh air from outside.

So, are you ready for a greener sleep?