Oxygène: A collection created by Matelas Bonheur

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Oxygène: A collection created by Matelas Bonheur

Sleep specialists since 1985, we have decided to make you benefit from our expertise by creating our own collection of products for better sleep: Oxygène. Since it is important for us to encourage local purchasing, this is a range of products made in Canada. In addition to being affordable, the collection includes many items of high quality that will help you secure a better night’s sleep. Are you ready to make the discovery?

Joma Oxygène Pillow

Ideal for those who sleep on the side, this pillow created in collaboration with Natura is available in 3 different sizes: standard, large and very large. Stuffed with 2.4 pounds of wool, it will transform your nights into soothing treats of tenderness. We also make available for you, the biological version of our Joma pillow. With 2.1 pounds of organic wool and its 100% certified organic satin Pima cotton cover, comfort is absolutely guaranteed!

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Oxygène Pillow Cover and Pillow Protector

The Naturo pillow cover from the Oxygène bedding collection is the perfect blend of comfort and natural protection. The 250 grams of 100% water-repellent cotton padding makes the pillow cover soft and absorbent while the natural cotton cover allows for perfect air circulation, preventing moisture. The TITANIUM pillow protector is the perfect complement to a good pillow. Its waterproof fabric keeps your pillow dry all night. It is also the ultimate protection against bed bugs and dust mites.

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Oxygène Duvet

When it comes to duvets for the bed, you will have to make a choice: a washable wool duvet (Joma), a microfibre duvet (Anorak) or a white European duvet (Parka)? They all have different properties; don’t hesitate to call on our excellent advisors to help you make the right choice.

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Oxygène Mattress Cover and Protector

To protect your mattress and keep it clean and comfortable, nothing beats a mattress cover. We have created a multitude of products to meet all your needs: 100% natural mattress covers (Naturo), cooling mattress covers (Ozone), waterproof mattress covers (Titanium), washable waterproof wool mattress covers (Joma) and finally, our waterproof anti-dust mite mattress cover (Medi+). Come see our advisors to make the best choice according to your sleep habits.

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Oxygène Sheet Set

Percale or Egyptian cotton? Birch or polyester fleece? Whatever your bedding preferences, we certainly have the product that meets your requirements. Moreover, all our sets are offered in a multitude of colours so that they can be matched to your decor.

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