New Matelas Bonheur Location in Montreal: The sleep specialist in Griffintown.

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New Matelas Bonheur Location in Montreal: The sleep specialist in Griffintown.

Matelas Bonheur has opened up a new location in the heart of Montreal’s Griffintown. This 17th store was inaugurated in style thanks to our wonderful, loyal customers who have returned to us year after year. To learn more about the Griffintown branch, we’ve sat down with manager, Pablo, to ask him a few questions.

About Matelas Bonheur in Griffintown

Question: Can you tell us about the variety of products you have in-store?

We have about 5000sq feet of commercial space. In-store, we have a variety of mattresses, from spring mattresses to highly specialized ones. We carry 50 plus models from a dozen of suppliers. We have an enormous selection with custom-made options, too.

Fortunately, our expertise allows us to understand our customers’ needs and offer personalized solutions that combine ideal comfort and respect for their budget.

Question: How would you describe your team at Matelas Bonheur in Griffintown?

Young, energetic and highly specialized! I’m very proud of them.

Matelas Bonheur, The Company

Question: Can you tell us more about your experience at Matelas Bonheur?

I’ve been a part of the Matelas Bonheur family for almost two years. Having previous experience in the field of furniture and mattresses for 5 years, I can easily say that Matelas Bonheur stands out for the excellence of its service. The company adheres to values that are demonstrated at all levels, allowing us to maintain our high level of customer service.

Question: What are the company values that hold the most dear?

I love working for Matelas Bonheur because I can make a difference in people’s lives. I believe the client’s needs should always be first and foremost in all areas. We see the difference when people come back to see us and thank us. Also, I love the fact that the company gives old mattresses a second life by recycling them.

Question: In your opinion, why does Matelas Bonheur stand out from its competitors?

The high level of expertise and the consistent quality of service across all locations is our greatest strength. My colleagues and I take each client’s needs to heart. Also, we work closely with our suppliers, which allows us to be on the lookout for innovations in the field.

Question: In closing, one personal question: Do you have a favorite model of mattress and do you have it at home?

(Laughs) The cobbler’s children always go barefoot- I’ve had the same mattress since I started my studies! I’ll eventually end up wanting them all; they all have their own special charm.

Visit Pablo and his fantastic team in Griffintown!