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Memory foam is outdated

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Memory foam is outdated

Memory foam is outdated

JUMP-AIR jumpbedIn 2019, memory foam is obsolete. New technologies and mattress manufacturing processes have been developed  to the delight of all sleep-loving Canadians. At Jump, we are proud to be part of this innovation and to offer you a new and more efficient alternative to memory foam. But first, why would anyone look for an alternative to memory foam and what are its disadvantages?

The disadvantages of memory foam

The main disadvantage of memory foam mattresses is their heat sensitivity. We sometimes hear that they even produce heat, but that isn’t quite right. In reality, memory foam is heat sensitive; that is, it reacts to changes in temperature. In practice, this means a mattress that hardens when temperatures are cooler and softens when mercury rises. The result? Comfort levels that vary with temperature, which is obviously suboptimal.

Of course, heat is not only released from the ambient air, but also from our bodies. Some people complain that memory foam mattresses become hot on contact with their bodies at night, increasing the feeling of warmth and sweating. This is uncomfortable for some sleepers, many of whom  would prefer alternatives that retain less body heat.


JUMP-AIR foam, as its name suggests, is a foam specially designed by our team. It is one of the foams in our two mattresses, the JUMP 7 and the JUMP 9. It is a vast improvement on traditional memory foam.

Unlike memory foam, JUMP-AIR foam is not sensitive to temperature changes. It ensures the same exceptional level of comfort at all times, regardless of the ambient temperature. It also alleviates mattress-related overheating and sweatiness.. JUMP-AIR foam is made of billions of microscopic air capsules that assemble and allow air to circulate inside the mattress under the weight of your body. This lets fresh air enter, warm air escape and sleepers enjoy a restful sleep thanks to the perfect temperature.

In terms of support, JUMP-AIR foam is comparable to memory foam. Its pressure relief and movement separation properties are similar, but our foam has an added JUMP touch. This allows the foam to better conform to the shape of your body without restricting movement, making it easier to find a comfortable sleeping position, without disturbing the sleep of the person sleeping next to you. The dream!


For all of these reasons, JUMP-AIR foam is clearly the big winner in the foam mattress line-up. Still not convinced? Take advantage of our 100 free trial nights to see for yourself! With free delivery and return, it’s easy to order your next JUMP mattress!