How to know if you’re getting enough sleep: 8 signs you’re not getting enough rest

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How to know if you’re getting enough sleep: 8 signs you’re not getting enough rest

What  is the ideal number of hours you need for a good sleep? The answer to this question is that the ideal amount of time does not exist; it is biologically different for each person. It is therefore up to you to find the number of hours of sleep that is perfect for you! For some short-sleepers, 3 or 4 hours may suffice. Others, meanwhile, will struggle to be fully functional after a night of 8 hours or less.

So then, how do you know if you’re getting enough rest? To help you determine the amount of time that’s right for you, here are 8 signs you need more sleep.

1- You always need an alarm clock

Typically, after you’ve gotten the right about of rest, you should be able to wake up naturally without the aid of an alarm clock. If you are totally dependent on your morning alarm, this is a first sign you need more sleep.

2- Your sleep is longer and better on weekends

Does the weekend mean better sleep and longer nights? If you tend to sleep in late Sunday morning, it may well be that you are looking to make up for your lack of sleep from the previous week.

3- You don’t feel rested

There are several reasons for this feeling: needing a new mattress, sleeping problems, poor digestion, stress or simply a lack of sleep. One thing is certain: if you do not feel rested upon awakening, it is time to act!

4- You have trouble concentrating

If you have trouble concentrating, it should not be overlooked. Lack of sleep and poor concentration are very often linked.

5- You feel sleepy behind the wheel

Do you suffer from drowsy driving? Is your head often in the clouds? It’s time to take matters into your hands! When you’re more rested, you will be more alert and minimize the chance of accidents.

6- You eat more

Did you know that a lack of sleep causes an increase in the hormones associated with appetite and a decrease in the levels of hormones that promote satiety? Going to bed earlier could therefore better help you control your hunger and your weight!

7- Light morning headaches

Do you often wake up with a slight headache? It could be caused by a sleep disorder. If so, we recommend you talk about these symptoms to your doctor.

8- You are irritable or less resistant to stress

Lack of sleep contributes to irritability and decreased capacity for stress resistance. Increasing your sleep could make your life, and the life of people around you much more enjoyable!

If you experience some of these symptoms, take care of yourself and either get more sleep or a better quality of sleep! Getting enough sleep is essential to your health and your wellbeing.