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How to improve your sleep: 8 tricks for the perfect nap

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How to improve your sleep: 8 tricks for the perfect nap

Are you a fan of napping? If not, have you ever considered it as part of your daily routine? Elsewhere napping is an essential activity, but it is a less common practice among us in North America. Yet taking a nap has many benefits (have you read our 15 reasons to indulge in one?) and could be the small boost that will help you in your quest for wellbeing in everyday life.

To help you get there, here are 8 tips for the perfect nap!

How to improve your sleep: 8 tips for the perfect nap

1- Choose the right time

The ideal length of a nap is between 20 and 30 minutes, but do not hesitate to make a 50-90 minute nap when you have a sleep deficit to fill and can afford to.

2- Set an alarm

Set an alarm to ensure you meet the expected duration of your nap. Opt for mild, pleasant music or your favourite song as long as you change it up often.

3- Get comfortable, but not too much

Lie under a blanket, but be careful not to get too comfortable! While you should feel comfortable enough to fall asleep, avoid taking a siesta in your bed under your huge quilt; waking up to the alarm could be more difficult.

4- Let go

Those who associate naps with laziness will have more difficulty in taking a rest on busy days. For a good nap, one must first let go and perceive this moment as an opportunity to recharge one’s batteries. Napping helps us to regain the strength to be more productive in the later part of the day, with a marked increase in wellbeing. 1, 2, 3, let go!

5- Get the right accessories

To take a nap during the day or at the office, equip yourself with a sleep mask and earplugs! In this way, the light and the noise will not be obstacles to your time of rest.

6- Eat light

To make sure you can easily fall asleep and not suffer from your overworked digestive system which will prevent you from snoozing, take a nap as an excuse to eat lighter. Get rid of foods too rich in fat and sugar and enjoy a quick and restorative nap instead!

7- Train… to nap

It may not always be easy to quickly find a good rest, but do not be discouraged; taking a good nap can be learned and it should be!

8- Make it a ritual

The best way to make napping a beneficial part of your life that will make your days easier and more enjoyable is to make it a ritual. Several times a week at the same time, put yourself in position to take time to rejuvenate.

So, are you ready to integrate napping into routine? You’ll love having more energy and feeling that your days will be not only more pleasant, but also more satisfied.

What are your tips for a successful nap?