How to get a better sleep: 8 resolutions to get a better nights in 2015

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How to get a better sleep: 8 resolutions to get a better nights in 2015

Did you sleep well in 2014? If the answer is no, the arrival of the new year is the perfect opportunity to make new habits to help you improve your sleep! With our busy lives, it is not always easy to find more time to sleep. Yet sleep remains critical to your health and your quality of life!

How to get a better sleep: 8 resolutions to get a better nights in 2015

This year, take care of your sleep with our 8 resolutions to enjoy a better night’s sleep!

1. Go to sleep earlier

To get to sleep earlier, you need to learn to let go! It is often tempting to continue to think of our obligations or bills and to send that one last email, but you must give yourself a break. When you go to bed earlier, your days will be more productive and you will be better able to handle stressful situations more skillfully.

2. Focus on quality

You can find mattresses, bedding and pillows at very low prices. Of course, when we make inexpensive purchases, our wallet thanks us, but what about the rest? A good mattress, good bedding and pillows are smart investments that directly affect the quality of your sleep. By purchasing quality products, you ensure durability and comfort for years to come.

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3. Listen to your body

When you feel tired, it’s time to go to bed! Do you often feel tired during the day? This is another sign to which you need to pay attention! Why not take a nap?

4. Learn to say no

It is fun to go out in the evening! If you are tired and a little burnt out, however, you need to learn to say no to some activities and book a few relaxing evenings … without the guilt!

5. Engage in some physical activity

This is THE most popular resolution of all time! Each year, most of us begin the year with the intention to get more exercise. This year, set realistic goals, one at a time. Wanting to do too much at once, might unfortunately cause you to become quickly discouraged.

6. Prepare for bedtime

It’s possible to re-learn how to sleep well! This year, develop a sleep routine that suits you. Reading, quiet music, cozy pajamas, herbal tea, facial mask, no matter; the key is to prepare yourself for sleep with a relaxing routine!

7. Reserve your bed for sleep

It’s important that your bed ceases to be associated with trouble sleeping! When you are unable to sleep, either in the evening or in the middle of the night, make a habit of getting out of bed. Avoid looking at screens while waiting for the sleepiness to return; the light will stimulate you and prevent you from falling back to sleep quickly.

8. Make positive changes

Did you know that positive changes in your life can help you sleep better? This is an additional source of motivation to achieve your short, medium and long-term projects!

If, despite your efforts you continue to have trouble sleeping, please consult your doctor.

We wish you a wonderful and peaceful 2015! Take care of your sleep… and yourself!

What are your tips for better sleep?