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Discover these 5 luxurious comfortable mattresses

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Discover these 5 luxurious comfortable mattresses

We are the experts when it comes to comfort! If you are seeking ultimate well-being in your sleep, discover our variety of high-quality fully luxurious mattresses. These will last for several years and will get you the best night sleeps ever. Want to learn more about these luxurious comfortable mattresses? Keep on reading!

1- The Vive mattress by Technogel

Technogel has raised the bar even higher with Vive. Treat yourself to the most sumptuous sleep experience provided by the thickest layer of body-conforming gel ever featured in a mattress. The cool and soothing comfort of Technogel is enhanced by a revolutionary design that has a supportive, durable high-quality latex and foam core. This is supreme relaxation that makes comfort a new type of luxury.

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2- The Pure Sleep mattress by Green Sleep

From the Dreamer collection, Pure Sleep is a 9-inch tall North Malaysia 600 natural rubber mattress. Its 100% organic cotton and virgin wool Texel envelope is a real anti-humidity covering which provides more comfort. Pure Sleep is a healthy mattress due to its biological dye. An eco-friendly option!

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3- The Nature mattress collection by ZEDBED

You will quickly benefit from the advantages of the Latex series as body pressure points will be lessened. Instead of being made solely of hydrocarbons, like most of the memory foams, this latex comes from the Hevea Basilinesis tree which allows a more natural appeal. It is also hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant. Enjoy the freshness of this foam and make the most of this natural material to get a good night sleep and have a great day!

Shop for the Nature collection by ZedBed here!

4- The Victoria mattress by Mat-Tech

The 100% natural firm LATEX foam is one of the finest materials used in this mattress. It reduces pressure points on the body and provides the best comfort. Elasticity and density are the main features of this unique latex.

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5- The Estasi mattress by Technogel

Estasi is an ultimate gel experience providing an invigorating sleep night after night. This thick Technogel layer mattress has a special design that wraps the whole body and mainly targets shoulders and hips. It will get you the best night ever as its support and comfort is the perfect blend.

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We are curious! Which luxurious mattress would you like to have the most?