Create the perfect kitsch room for Valentine’s Day

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Create the perfect kitsch room for Valentine’s Day

Create the perfect kitsch room for Valentine’s Day


Want to surprise your better half with a kitschy room to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Look no further, we’ve gathered the perfect list to help you create the kitsch decor of your dreams!


Valentine’s Day kitsch decorations

No need to repaint the walls red to create a special atmosphere for Valentine’s Day! A few simple
decorations can to spark up an atmosphere worthy of the greatest romantic movies and the hotel rooms in Quebec where we have all dreamed of staying for a night.

Hot hot kisses 

Anything with kiss marks screams out the word Valentine’s Day. Grab hold of a bold red lipstick and get to work. Pucker up and plant your kisses on  it’s white balloons, sheets of paper or a cloth you can sacrifice for the occasion (a cheap white pillowcase will do), any surface you can find is good for surprising your date with big bright kissmarks. Don’t be shy, have fun with different possibilities!

Hearts will be in the spotlight 

Whether you’re a crafty DIY type or the $1 store is your best friend, a true kitsch Valentine’s Day would be incomplete without getting overzealous with heart decorations. Think cardboard heart banners, heart-shaped mobiles to hang from the ceiling, heart-shaped candy, heart-shaped rose petal designs on the bed and more! Let your imagination run wild, go ahead – eat your heart out!

Rain of roses 

Speaking of roses, don’t hesitate to go crazy with the petals. As a heart on the bed, left as a trail on the way to bed, or simply as a bouquet, roses are the ultimate expression of love –  you can’t miss them!

Be careful with the fire, it’s hot, it’s dangerous… 

What could be more romantic than the sensual glow of candlelight? Don’t worry about the color – mix it up with reds, pinks, whites, even scented ones; you’re sure to set the mood with candelight. Be warned – the temperature in the bedroom may rise!

Bedroom100% Valentine’s Day 

You feel like busting your hump and turning your bedroom into a sanctuary of love? Here are some ideas in bulk: 

Thematic bed accessories 

A heart-shaped pillow, a cute pink teddy bear, or even a big red throw can be the central elements of your bed linen set to make it Valentine-like to your heart’s content! 

Red Lighting 

Swap out your traditional light bulbs with red or pinkbulbs to give your bedroom a flirtatious glow! 

No matter what you decide to do, it’s certain that your better half will be charmed by this tacky demonstration of your love! Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day under the duvet!