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Buy a good mattress: 5 reasons to choose the ecological Green Sleep mattress for a better sleep

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Buy a good mattress: 5 reasons to choose the ecological Green Sleep mattress for a better sleep

At Matelas Bonheur, being environmentally conscious is important to us and it is with pride that we are a distributor of Green Sleep, the ecological mattress brand. The Promise of Green Sleep is simple: provide a high quality sleep night after night. Today on our blog, we’ll share 5 key reasons why purchasing a Green Sleep eco-friendly mattress is an investment in your well-being.Green Sleep ecological mattress

1- Better restorative sleep

With over 30 years of scientific research, Green Sleep designers have created unique mattresses with a comfort technology that promotes a rejuvenating and deep sleep. Also, in recent years, this green company has partnered with a university clinic to perfect their research by studying the determinants of sleep quality.

2- Mindful of the environment

At Green Sleep, natural and organic materials make all the difference in optimizing the quality of mattresses while keeping the environment in mind. Natural rubber, organic fair-trade cotton, Texel wool, coconut fiber and natural wood are all raw materials used in the manufacturing of their mattresses.

3- Superior durability

The quality of organic materials used in Green Sleep mattresses has another major benefit: longevity. Indeed, they are designed to offer sleepers a mattress with a very long lifespan (some models have a 20 years warranty).

4- Reduce back pain

Have you read our 5 tips for avoiding back pain when you wake up? To avoid the ailments of back pain, Green Sleep has chosen to use pure natural latex in their mattress, thus reducing pressure points. Furthermore, the support layer developed by Green Sleep helps maintain healthy sleep posture from the neck down to the spine and hips.

5- A healthier life

Quality of sleep directly affects physical health and psychological equilibrium, which means better sleep equals better health! At the heart of the philosophy of Green Sleep is a commitment to research the best possible natural and hypoallergenic components for their mattresses in order to contribute greatly to the quality of everyone’s sleep and health.

We know first hand how important it is for customers to try a mattress before buying it, and we strongly encourage you to visit our stores to test the ecological Green Sleep mattresses we carry! Find one of our 15 branches close to you.

Don’t forget that you can take advantage of our 60-month financing plans!

Do you have any questions about Green Sleep products? Feel free to leave us a comment below or to contact us!