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The benefits of Technogel mattresses on health and wellness

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The benefits of Technogel mattresses on health and wellness

At Matelas Bonheur and for several months now, we’ve had the honour to distribute Technogel® mattresses which offer an unprecedented innovation in the world of sleep. This new technology has only been recently available in the mattress market and provides a superior sleep and a number of benefits for health and wellness we wanted to share with our customers.

The benefits of Technogel mattresses on health and wellness

In order to help you better discover these mattresses, here are the specific benefits for each Technogel® mattress you can find in every Matelas Bonheur branch.

1- The Technogel® Piacere

The Piacere offers the perfect ergonomic alignment sought for by many sleepers: neither too soft nor too firm. If you are looking for support and comfort, the Piacere model will exceed your expectations. It will match the shape of your body to relieve optimal pressure points, in addition to providing all the comforting coolness of the gel.

2- The Technogel® Armonia

Some say that one night spent sleeping on the Armonia is enough to want to adopt it for life! Made of a complete layer of Technogel® molded from a core of latex and foam, this mattress is ideal for sleepers who want firm support combined with a cool sleep surface. The Armonia model allows a homogeneous and harmonious weight distribution of the body to avoid strain on the joints.

3- The Technogel® Estasi

The Estasi promises the best restorative sleep, night after night. The unique wrap-around design of this model provides the ultimate experience of the benefits of the gel and particularly targets the shoulders and hips. Estasi stands for exceptional sleep, comfort and total support.

4- The Technogel® Vive

With the Vive model, Technogel® technology reaches the peak of comfort. This luxurious mattress guarantees a sumptuous sleep thanks to its gel layer (the largest ever used in the design of a mattress) that adapts perfectly to each person. This mattress is a revolution in the world of sleep.

Are you  intrigue by Technogel® matresses? If so, please come and try them in a store close to you! We recommend that you dress comfortably to test them all with ease.

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