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8 tips for avoiding afternoon fatigue

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8 tips for avoiding afternoon fatigue

Are you less productive in the afternoon than in the morning and sometimes even uncomfortable? You are not alone to feel that way and thankfully there are a few tricks to prevent this from happening. We hope you find a solution that will work for you with our 8 tips to avoid fatigue in the afternoon!

Afternoon fatigue

1- Exercise

Getting moving in the middle of the day is not only a good way to increase your productivity but also a great way to reduce fatigue. If you can’t get to the gym, why not go for a jog or a long walk? This is a great habit to start and adopt!

2- Stretch

Get up regularly during your workday and enjoy a good stretch for a few minutes! This is a simple way to relieve your tensions and give your mind a break.

3- Have some snacks handy

Instead of overeating during lunch, opt instead for energizing snacks to fight hunger throughout the day. Snacks are a great way to control your portions intake and to avoid being hungry at mealtimes. Here are a few snack suggestions: hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, nuts, chickpeas, cheese or a good smoothie.

4- Schedule meetings in the afternoon

Having meetings in the afternoon promotes exchanges and communication that can be very stimulating! After a meeting, new ideas can motivate and energize us.

5- Check the lighting in your office

Light is so important to stay alert and awake throughout the day! If you are lucky enough to have a windowed office, let light penetrate it to the fullest! Otherwise, make arrangements for good lighting. You’ll quickly see the difference!

6- Drink lots of water

Do not wait to be thirsty! Hydrating all day is a great habit to get into for many reasons. Remember that one of the symptoms of dehydration is the feeling of tiredness!

7- Opt for protein

What do your meals look like at lunchtime? If they are filled with more carbohydrates than protein, you should perhaps revise your lunch boxes! Opt for a lunch rich in protein like grilled chicken salad or add some fish on the menu. In short, the golden rule is to decrease carbohydrates and increase protein!

8- Sleep well

Good sleep is of course what influences your level of fatigue the most during the day! In our retail store, customers often tell us how much they underestimated the effects of a good night sleep in a proper bed with the right accessories.

What about you? What are your tricks for fighting off afternoon fatigue?