5 Zedbed products for lavender lovers

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5 Zedbed products for lavender lovers

Did you know? “The word lavender is a derivative of the verb laver, perhaps from the Italian lavando (washing action), and goes back to the Latin lavandaria: washing cloth, probably the origin of the English lavender (lavender around 1265). This etymology suggests that lavender was used very early to perfume freshly washed laundry. Dried flower bags are traditionally placed in the cupboards to keep moths away and perfume the wardrobe.” (Source) At Matelas Bonheur, we love to fall asleep with the help of lavender, a flower with such a pleasant and relaxing scent! That’s why Zedbed products made with lavender are among our favorites. In this article, discover these Zedbed products for lavender lovers.

Zedbed Lavender Overlay Mattress

The mattress overlay is the ideal accessory to enhance the comfort of a new mattress and even a mattress that is a few years old. Since it is a soft and comfortable surface, the overlay will add a cosy touch to a mattress. Zedbed offers you two mattress overlays available at Matelas Bonheur; Two from the Cloud series and one from the Nature series. Feel free to visit us in store to learn more about the benefits they offer. Both products are infused with lavender, which is relaxing and known to repel dust mites and bed bugs.

Zedbed Pillows with Lavender

Zedbed’s lavender water expanded pillows are very comfortable. The advantage of the foam in these series is that it instantly returns to its original shape. This foam moulds perfectly to your neck and head, offering you comfort and relaxation of your muscular tensions. It also relieves pressure points that can cause agitation in your sleep nights. Locally produced lavender water promotes rapid and restful sleep.

And you, do you like to fall asleep with lavender?