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5 Tricks for Getting Up on the Right Foot in the Morning

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5 Tricks for Getting Up on the Right Foot in the Morning

After having had a good night’s sleep, is it enough just to get on your feet in order have a good day? Heck, no! There are a few steps you can take as soon as you wake up that will increase the likelihood of having a great day. Here are 5 tips for getting up on the right foot and for a gentle morning that will set a great day in motion.

Enjoy A Good Cup of Coffee or Tea

If you’re one of those people who enjoys a little caffeine or if you can’t make it through the day without it, then you’ll appreciate this step. If you’re anticipating a difficult or long day, why not treat yourself at the beginning of the day with a special cup of coffee? Change up your routine and try something like a cinnamon latté or a dash of almond milk. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It allows you to gather your strength and start the day with energy after a not having eaten all night. If you have a lot of things on the menu today, why not put a little more effort than usual to serve up a nutritious and healthy breakfast? You’ll be in good spirits and ready for anything!


On days that promise to be longer than usual, allow a little time at the beginning of the day to bring increased calm and relaxation by meditating. Visualize a day of well-being and spaciousness. It takes only ten minutes of meditation in the morning to start the day!

Get Moving

After lunch, go outside. Try walking, running, stretching or going for a bike ride. Getting some fresh air and moving your body will put you in a good mood. When exercising, the body produces endorphins. The result? An increased sensation of pleasure and reduced stress. Perfect for a good start to the day!

Drink a Green Protein Smoothie

If you don’t have a big appetite in the morning and tend to eat lunch later, gain your strength by drinking a green protein smoothie. Avoid putting in too much fruit and take care to add your favorite green leafy vegetable. Your smoothie should contain 30g of protein to reduce fluctuations in blood sugar and give you energy for the whole morning.

What are your tricks for getting up on the right foot in the morning?