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5 key features of a Technogel® mattress

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5 key features of a Technogel® mattress

Technogel® mattresses are a real revolution in the world of sleep that we are proud to offer at Matelas Bonheur. If you are considering changing your mattress to maximize your quality of sleep, know that these mattresses will provide you with unparalleled comfort!

5 key features of a Technogel® mattress

To help familiarize yourself with this new technology in the field of mattresses, here are the 5 key features of a Technogel® mattress.

3D Deformation

The Technogel® mattress adapts to each sleeper because the material adapts its shape and conforms to the body  in all directions three-dimensionally. In this way, body pressure is distributed evenly to provide a significant reduction in pressure points and a significant improvement in blood flow. With this type of mattress, aches and other discomforts will be a thing of the past.

Thermal control

Because of its high thermal conductivity, Technogel® reduces the temperature of the contact surface between the human body and the mattress. This drop in temperature slows down the metabolism of the sleeper, allowing your body to relax and enjoy a top quality night’s sleep.


Technogel® has developed a novel and specific structure that has been designed to optimize the ventilation of the mattress. This allows optimal conduction of moisture, providing a pleasantly cool and refreshing feeling when sleeping.


In terms of sustainability, Technogel® stands out from the pack. Since Technogel® mattresses are totally free of volatile agents, and as a consequence they do not harden or age and they retain their elastic and mechanical properties which makes the mattress extremely durable.

Tests and results

The innovation offered by Technogel® has been subjected to numerous sleep quality tests and the impressive results confirmed that the majority of those who slept on the mattress experienced a developed feeling of wellbeing . For more information, click here!

For more information, please feel free to contact us or come by and try these new mattresses at one of our branches!