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5-day challenge for spring cleaning

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5-day challenge for spring cleaning

Spring is at our doorstep… And whoever says “spring” says “spring cleaning”! It is very important, especially in the bedroom. Since you sleep there for long hours every day, its cleanliness is imperative for your health. You may even reduce your loved one’s snoring by eliminating dust!

To help you clean up thoroughly, efficiently and without forgetting details, here is our 5-day spring cleaning challenge. By going gradually, you won’t feel like you’re doing an exhausting cleaning and you’ll save your energy. Good luck!

Day 1

Remove all bedding: pillowcases, sheets, bed skirts, bed protectors, duvet covers, duvets. Wash everything according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Sort out the things that are lying around in the room. Pack up magazines, books or accessories that are not in their proper place.

Day 2

Remove the curtains and wash them. Use warm water, all-purpose soap and a cloth to wash your window blinds or canvas.

Vacuum, making sure to move all the furniture. You will certainly have some surprises under them!

Day 3

With a cleaning product of your choice and newspaper, rub the windows. Feel free to come back several times to clean them thoroughly. Winter was hard on them!

Clean the entire contour of the window and the heater. If you have a ceiling fan, clean it thoroughly.

Day 4

Remove everything from your surfaces such as the bedside table or laundry cabinet. Using warm water, all-purpose soap and a cloth, wash all surfaces. Be sure to dust all objects before putting them back in their place. Don’t forget the laundry bin.

Go around your cabinets and the wardrobe. Prepare a bag of items to give or sell to make room for the spring wardrobe. Rotate the clothes.

Day 5

Wash the walls if possible. Alternatively, dust them. Quickly re-sweep the rooms and wash the floors.

Light a candle, choose a good Quebec novel, and enjoy your clean bedroom!

And you, how do you do your spring cleaning in the bedroom?