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5 Christmas gift ideas to sleep better

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5 Christmas gift ideas to sleep better

Offer wellness as a gift, why not? This year, for the holidays, offer your loved ones the gift of a better sleep. Getting better sleep is the most precious gift! Have you looked at our previous article of gift ideas to sleep better? Here are 5 new, if you have not found the perfect gift for the person you want to spoil!


1 – A set of relaxing essential oils

A perfect gift if the person to whom you wish to offer a gift has a diffuser for essential oils. Lavender Essential Oil is a classic to sleep better, but several mixes are also available to promote sleep. The perfect little luxury to drop off into the arms of Morpheus

2 – A humidifier

During the winter, the humidity rate is often lowered by the fact that we are heating up our homes. The consequences? Unpleasant snoring for the whole household, dry and painful nose when waking up, diminished sleep quality. To offer a practical gift, consider the gift of a humidifier. Several very trendy models are available on the market!

3 – A mattress in a box

A mattress wrapped under the tree? Oh yes, it’s possible! The Jump mattresses, which we have in store, are available in a box. Don’t Forget to buy … lots of wrapping paper!

4 – Luxurious sheets

What a pleasure to slip into luxurious and soft sheets at will! At this time of the holidays, offer this little happiness to the person you love. The perfect gift for a young person who just moved into an apartment.

5 – A book on meditation

It’s well known, doing meditation before bedtime can help you fall asleep more easily and sleep better in general. If you want to offer this gift to your loved ones, check out our book suggestions to learn how to meditate.


We’re curious! What are your gift ideas to sleep better? Leave your suggestions in the comments below to inspire others to offer sleep as a gift!