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4 Awesome Theme Ideas for a Children’s Bedroom

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4 Awesome Theme Ideas for a Children’s Bedroom

Let us inspire you with these awesome theme ideas for a children’s bedroom! Planning and creating a child’s room of your dreams – and having fun doing it- is not as complicated as you might think. With a few well thought-out decorative elements, you too can recreate these designs. You’ll need: an interesting theme to inspire you, the right bed frame, a comfortable mattress and a few decorative items here and there.

Equestrian-inspired Children’s Bedroom
Does your little one love horses? Treat him or her to a lovely room inspired by his or her passion. Go for a mix of brown and blue- two colours that fit perfectly together. Finish it off with framed pictures, toys and stuffed-animal horses. It’s as easy as that!

Ballerina-inspired Children’s Bedroom
Do you have a little girl who loves ballerinas? Decorate her room using this as inspiration and see her eyes light up. Go with a soft, pastel decor and delicate decorative objects. Adorn her bed with a large frame displaying a lovely ballerina and you’re done.


Adventurer-inspired Children’s Room
Set up a unique room for your little explorer. It’ll be like being on an adventure in this enchanting setting. Use luggage as a bedside table, hang a large map of the world on the wall and opt for decorative items inspired by modes of transportation, like  airplanes and trains. What a way to stimulate a child’s imagination!


Forest-inspired Children’s Room
What child does not like animals? This beautiful, nature-inspired backdrop will surely amaze all kids. Think of everything that is hidden in the forest, from mushrooms to animals for decorative inspiration. Stick to natural colors for the best results.

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What theme would you choose for your child?