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11 Bloggers’ Tricks for Having More Energy (part 1)

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11 Bloggers’ Tricks for Having More Energy (part 1)

What do you do when your energy is low? We’ve asked this question to 11 of our favorite bloggers in order to help you find ideas when you need to recharge and regain your energy. Hopefully, they’ll inspire a healthy lifestyle and increased energy!

Tricks for More Energy

  1. L’ivresse des Sens Blog

We often struggle to catch our breath in our fast-paced lives. We chase after the modern day Holy Grail: energy. But how do you ensure a good amount of energy? One of my solutions is meditation. I can already imagine a few of you grimacing. However, if there were ever an activity that requires so little, it’s this relaxation technique that brings on a noticeable calm and improved quality of sleep. There are now many great meditation apps (Petit Bambou, Calm and others). There’s no need to be a personal development guru to adopt this practice. The apps allow you to learn the technique gently, in the comfort of your own home. At the start, I could do 5 minutes of meditation before sleeping. Soon, I was able to see the benefits on my overall health and quality of sleep, setting me up for an energized day.

  1. C’est Ça la Vie Blog

When I was asked about my trick for increased energy, I was just coming back from outside with my dudes – my boyfriend and my two boys! A lovely end to a fall day playing outside, taking a stroll, working in the woods, watching our two kids being happy and taking deep breaths of moist autumn air… Well, I’d say that’s what gives me energy!

What do you do to recharge? Let us know in the comment section below!