10 Items to Add to Your Home for Goal Setting

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10 Items to Add to Your Home for Goal Setting

10 Items to Add to Your Home for Goal Setting

Goal setting is important as you work to accomplish or achieve your dreams. If you want to travel, purchase a new home, reach a certain budget or goal at work you will want to set goals for yourself. You can set up your home to inspire goal setting by ensuring that each piece of your goals are not hindered and are organized. Keep items in your home that will inspire and keep you on track to meet your goals. This list includes some great ways to prep your home for goal setting.



As you start the journey to reach your goals a journal can be a huge asset. Journals are great places to write down your dreams, goals and achievements. Keep a journal handing by your bedside or home office so that you can start each day with a clear and focused mindset.


Habit Tracker

Habit trackers are all the rage in this digital age and truly come in handy when it comes to goal setting. Download a tracker on your phone or keep one on your laptop or desktop to track things like your water intake, calories, mood, etc.


Filing Cabinet

This may seem a little old fashioned but a filing cabinet is a great way to get organized. Though paper may seem like a thing of the past, important bills, letters, etc. come through the mail on a daily basis and finding a place to keep them all organized is important. You may also want to organize documents like marriage licenses and birth certificates so they are in an easy place to find. The activity of organization will help keep you refreshed with goals in mind.


Label Maker

Another piece of goal setting is getting organized. Grab a label maker and organize your kitchen and bathroom for maximum efficiency. The more organized you are, the more productive you will be!


Dry Erase Whiteboard

As you begin to write down your goals keep them in eyesight with a dry erase whiteboard. Your goals may change as you continue on your journey so erase and rewrite as many times as you need. Goal setting is all about flow and learning what you really desire.


Storage Bins

Keep organized with storage bins. Once you have your filing cabinet and label maker ready you can then begin to organize the rest of your home. This will help you sort, recycle or donate any items that may no longer serve goal setting purposes.


Sticky Notes

Goal setting is all about keeping your eye on the end result. Use sticky notes to keep yourself reminded of your goals and to keep motivated. Use sticky notes in everyday places like the bathroom and kitchen to keep focused.


Budget Tracker

While you continue on your goal setting path a budget will most likely come into play. Download a budget tracking app or use your dry erase board to track spending.


Alarm Clock and/or Timer

If you want to increase your water intake or move around more, grab yourself an alarm clock or timer. Hearing the ding go off will remind yourself to either get up and move around or drink water. It is always important to stay hydrated!


Aroma Diffusers or Candles

Uplifting scents lift your spirits and elevate your mood. Look for citrus scents to inspire creativity, fresh scents to keep you on track and productive and soft scents to relax.

Goal setting is a great way to achieve your dreams and by setting yourself up for success you should be on your way to accomplish great things!