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Your Zedbed Bedroom- 3 Zedbed Products to Discover

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Your Zedbed Bedroom- 3 Zedbed Products to Discover

Did you know that Zedbed is one of the only mattress manufacturers to make its own memory foams entirely in Quebec? This limits variations in quality and density and reduces costs and environmental impact (click here for more information). At Matelas Bonheur, we’re proud to offer you this made-in-Quebec mattress. A Zedbed purchase is a responsible choice. To inspire your shopping, here are 3 Zedbed products to create the bedroom of your dreams!

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Zedbed Mattress- Nature collection

Known for “keeping cool”, latex conforms fairly well to the contours of your body. It’s a good compromise between a spring mattress and memory foam.  Latex foam supports the weight of your body. It molds partially to your shape while allowing you to relax muscle tension and relieve the pressure points that normally cause restlessness during sleep. Rather than being composed of hydrocarbons like most memory foam mattresses, latex comes from the rubber tree,  Hevea Basilinesis, giving it the advantage of being more natural. Latex is also hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, so you can benefit from a feeling of freshness after a good night sleeping on this natural, “cool foam”.

Shop for the Nature collection here!

Zedbed Box Spring

The Zedbed box spring is specially made for optimum support and improved performance of any latex or memory foam mattress on the market. Assembled by hand in Quebec, and made of sustainable wood from local forests, the standard foundation box spring is made of very solid, flexible slats that maximize stability.

You’ll be sure to enjoy the comfort of your Zedbed mattress. The importance of having a good box spring ensures your mattress is well-supported and stays in good condition over the years. Each box spring has a non-slip fabric to keep the mattress in place. The space between slats creates optimal air circulation.

Shop for ZedBed Box Spring foundations here!

Zedbed Pillows- Cloud

Cloud pillows are made with Zedbed’s ZX foam, infused with gel-crystal and lavender to get a good night’s sleep with the best support. The high-density foam makes a pillow of medium-firmness.

This traditionally shaped pillow regains its initial shape rapidly when compressed, to reduce pressure points and naturally support your neck and head. The pillow’s aeration system makes for a remarkable freshness and limits the problems of perspiration. Plus, with a 3-year warranty, there are no worries!

Shop for Cloud pillows here!

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