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Sleep better while sharing the bed

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Comment mieux dormir à 2?

Sleep better while sharing the bed


Sleeping with a partner is not always easy! Annoyances, that may seem small at first, can quickly mount up and compromise your night’s sleep, a time that should be restful! Don’t worry, it is possible to sleep well together.  Here are our top tips to achieve this!


Dealing with a snoring partner

Snoring is probably the number one enemy of couples who share a bed. If one snores, it can prevent the other from falling asleep, cause them to wake up during the night or reduce the quality of their sleep. To solve the problem, get the snorer to try sleeping on their side rather than their back, or use nasal strips or a decongestant spray to clear the nasal passages. If none of this works, you can always fall back on earplugs! 

Are you fighting a war on blankets? 

If you are constantly fighting with your loved one to get a little corner of blanket or waking up in the middle of the night cold with blankets out of  reach, it may be time to fix the situation! It may seem like an obvious solution, but why not just have two duvets? Everyone has their own, no more battles to pull the hardest and everyone is warm! 

A mattress that suits both

It is not always easy to find a mattress that suits both partners. This can be especially challenging if you have recently moved in together and one of you is hanging onto an ancient mattress that is well past its prime! The perfect compromise? A new JUMP mattress, which is just firm enough and just soft enough to please everyone. While you’re at it, spoil yourself with a Queen or King size for all the space in the world and ultimate comfort!

Early riser vs. late night 

How can you sleep well together when your sleep schedules don’t match? The key: adaptation and compromise. The night owl may have to be quiet and get into the habit of doing pre-sleep activities in a room other than the bedroom to avoid disturbing their sleeping partner. The early riser should similarly  be silent and discreet and quickly leave the room in the morning to let the other person enjoy their last moments of sleep. 

Do you prefer left or right? 

For some people, peaceful sleep depends on an essential constellation of elements.  For others, it doesn’t matter. The left or right side of the mattress, the window or the door side, the orientation of the bed, having a bedside table or a lamp next to the bed… these are all things you should discuss with your partner. Find compromises. Try it out and see what works best for both of you! 

With these tricks, you should be able to sleep better together, making your nights more relaxing and your partnership stronger! Use your imagination and remember that the important thing is communicating your needs so that everyone is satisfied!