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Gift guide for that person who loves to sleep

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Gift guide for that person who loves to sleep

Gift guide for that person who loves to sleep


Let the big sleepers in the room raise their hands! Or rather… let them open an eyelid! We all have someone in our circle who likes to sleep more than anything. This person lives for naps, can fall asleep anywhere and anytime and evaluates the quality of their weekend by the time they wake up! Here’s a little gift guide to please this person who lives to sleep! 

A pillow

Oh, it may sound banal, but the pillow is the sleeper’s best friend, after the mattress of course! It can simply revolutionize their nights, making them even more enjoyable. 


Anything that the sleeper can wrap themselves in is a great gift! A new duvet, a sheet set, a pretty duvet cover, a jetty or even a heated blanket.  All options are sure to please! 

An essential oil diffuser

Sleeping is good, but sleeping with an essential oil diffuser is even better! Spoil your loved one with a gift that will enhance their bedroom with a soothing scent and allow them to relax before going to bed. Add a bottle of lavender essential oil, known for its relaxing properties. 

Pajamas or nightgown

What could be better than  receiving a new pair of pajamas? It’s a classic gift and for good reason! Pajamas are soft, cozy and comfortable and we use them every day. There’s nothing like pajamas to please someone who likes to sleep! 

An alarm clock that mimics the sunrise

For some, the worst part of sleeping is waking up. To make this moment a little more gentle, why not offer the hesitant riser a dawn simulator alarm clock? Instead of the aggressive alarm of the classic clock radio, this alarm wakes with soft sunlight, which can be programmed to be very progressivep! 

A travel pillow

People who like to sleep also like to sleep away from home! If you know a sleep lover who travels a lot, you could give them a great travel pillow! The  styles and price points are almost infinite! 

A gift certificate for coffee

A person who likes to sleep is also likely to be a person who struggles  to get to work on time because they stayed in bed just a little too long! Why not offer a gift certificate to a café near their home or work where they can stop for a good dose of caffeine on busy mornings? An original idea that will please a late sleeper! 

A JUMP mattress

The ultimate gift? A JUMP mattress will long revolutionize the nights of the recipient. It is the dream of every self-respecting sleeper! 

With all these gift ideas for sleep-lovers, you are sure to find the perfect one!