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Buying a New Mattress: 3 quality mattresses for less than $1500

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Buying a New Mattress: 3 quality mattresses for less than $1500

Is your mattress no longer comfortable and you’re thinking of buying a new one? First off, this is a great decision because the quality of your sleep is directly tied to your well-being. Here you can find our Matelas Bonheur guide to buying a mattress and several more articles on our blog that will help you make an informed choice about your new mattress. Today, for a little extra something, we’ve chosen 3 quality mattresses for less than $1500 that will help you get a good sleep for years to come.

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3 mattresses for less than $1500

1. Zedbed’s Nature, Polar

Zedbed makes the largest selection of ecological foam mattresses in Canada. Known for its freshness, the Nature Polar mattress is designed to fit the shapes of the sleeper and provide quick relief from pressure points. Starting at $1149.95, this mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.

2. Green Sleep’s Pure Support

The ecologically friendly mattresses at Green Sleep are an excellent choice for great quality sleep. If you are looking for a mattress at a good price that is synonymous with durability, the Pure Support delivers. It’s a healthy mattress with an anti-humidity cover. Starting at $1399.95.

3. Mat Tech’s Sensation

Looking for a mattress that doesn’t compromise on quality and durability? Mat Tech honors this commitment with a constant desire to distinguish itself and to offer its customers mattresses whose reputation for excellence is constantly renewed. Starting at $1249.95, the Sensation is a great value!

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