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A mattresses in a box that revolutionizes the industry!

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A mattresses in a box that revolutionizes the industry!

A mattresses in a box that revolutionizes the industry!

Matelas dans une boiteWe are pleased to introduce you to JUMP, the new bed in a box that will revolutionize the mattress box industry. With its innovative concept and technology, you can forget traditional memory foam! Are you considering buying a mattress in a box? Look no further, JUMP is the one for you!

Why buy a mattress in a box?

Whether it’s because you’re moving, are looking for a great value mattress, or want to enjoy a quick mattress set-up, a mattress in a box is a great alternative!

It is a real mattress and as comfortable as a traditional mattress, but has been compacted to fit inside a practical box. You can order it online, from the comfort of your home (even in your pajamas if you want!) and it will be delivered to you within 2 to 7 working days. Once home, all you have to do is unpack it and let it regain its shape before you settle in for the night!

What makes JUMP different from other mattresses in a box?

The JUMP mattress changes the rules of the game when it comes to bedding in a box. Memory foam? It’s a thing of the past! Welcome to JUMP-AIR foam!

This new foam makes all the difference to the quality of your sleep. It carefully follows the contours of the body for better support where you need it most. Its pressure relief and movement separation properties are similar to those of shape memory foam, but with a little more JUMP, making it easier for you to find a comfortable sleeping position without disturbing your rest or that of others.

One more difference: Unlike memory foam, JUMP-AIR foam is not sensitive to temperature changes. You are therefore guaranteed to find the same level of comfort on your JUMP mattress, whatever the temperature in the room.

This is due to the billions of microscopic air capsules in the JUMP-AIR foam. When you lie on the mattress, your body naturally compresses the foam, allowing the air capsules to assemble and circulate air through the mattress. This lets fresh air enter and warm air escape, creating a perfect temperature for a restful sleep.

Want more reasons to buy?  We are very proud to say that JUMP is 100% made in Canada. It was really important to us, as a Canadian company, that our product be manufactured locally, from A to Zzz!

What options are available?

The JUMP mattress in a box is available in 2 models: The original – JUMP 7 – and The Deluxe – JUMP 9. Both models offer the same comfort and personalized support, but the JUMP 9 contains twice as much JUMP-AIR foam. This addition reduces pressure, movement and increases air circulation.

Whatever your choice, you will benefit from 100 nights to test the mattress from every angle. Convinced? Visit our website to choose your model!