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A bedroom designed for 100% cocooning

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A bedroom designed for 100% cocooning

Cocooning is an interior design style that creates a charming atmosphere, that promotes relaxation and a feeling of inner well-being. Exactly the kind of features that will allow you dive into the night fairy’s arms when the sun goes down, or that will make you want to wrap yourself up under the duvet on a Sunday afternoon.

The essential elements of a cocooning room

Of course, cocooning is a subjective term and its application will vary according to individual tastes, but we can already identify some main themes that will make your bedroom a real peace haven .

A small but important remark from the outset: screens and cocooning do not go along so well. So we’d rather you keep the television out of the room and the cell phones as well. Seize the opportunity to relax as a couple or as a family, to read, to knit, to enjoy some music and more.

A comfortable mattress

Choose a quality mattress that will make you feel like you’re cushioned on a cloud. Choose a size that is large enough to allow you to relax in bed. See our suggestions for a comfortable and luxurious mattress!

Top quality bedding

Feel free to overlay. Cushions, pillows, sheets, duvets, and downs are a good fit on your bed. Choose them per their quality, in tones that match the rest and relax in them while forgetting all your worries.

Soft colours that calm the atmosphere

Pastel colours are not everyone’s cup of tea, but try as much as possible to keep the colour palette soft, inviting and relaxing. Avoid bright colours or overly bright prints and patterns. Neutral and natural tones are generally a good choice, which you can accessorize with a few colors according to your preferences.

Inviting textures

Beyond objects and colours, choose interesting textures that will make you want to wrap yourself up. The softness and warmth of the fabrics are important, not only for the quality of your sleep, but also simply for the comfort you will feel when they touch your skin.

Soft lighting

It is better to have a few softer sources of light than a single more direct source. So choose small bedside lamps, garlands of light or even a few candles. An essential oil diffuser will even allow you to provide a small luminous atmosphere in addition to diffusing a most pleasant fragrance.

A room that is a reflection of yourself

The most important thing to remember is that your bedroom must first and foremost be welcoming. Decorate it according to your preferences and needs, keeping in mind the elements mentioned above.

Choose your decorative elements carefully, create an atmosphere that calls for calm and relaxation and prepare yourself to spend magical moments in this room that will undoubtedly become your favorite!