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7 good sleeping habits (part 1)

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7 good sleeping habits (part 1)

If you’re having a hard time sleeping, you’re probably wondering what to do to improve your sleep quality. The Internet is full of tips that can come in handy, but sometimes it can be difficult to navigate. Moreover, changing everything at the same time about your habits can be laborious. That’s why we propose that you change your habits one at a time, following this guide proposed by the sleep foundation. These 7 good habits could greatly improve your quality of life. Good luck!

Stay on a regular sleep schedule even on weekends

One of the best habits to adopt in order to sleep better is to create a sleep schedule. Adapted to your reality, your regular sleep schedule will help you fall asleep faster and sleep better. Your body must understand that these hours are meant for sleep … even on weekends!

Evaluate your bedroom

Take a few moments to evaluate your bedroom. Is the temperature good? Is the bedroom soundproof? Is the light adequate? Your environment must be conducive for sleep. We recommend a temperature of about 18 degrees to sleep well. Do not forget to check the humidity, which should be around 50%. To eliminate disturbing ambient sounds, such as the sound of a dial hand or a noisy neighbour, choose a white noise machine or humidifier. Finally, for the light, use a canvas to hide the outside light.

Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual

What do you do to relax before going to bed? You should have a well-established routine and a ritual to tell your body that you are about to go to sleep. Some Good ideas: listening to soft music, reading, meditating or doing some yoga.

To be continued…

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