5 resolutions to improve your well-being

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5 resolutions to improve your well-being

Are you one of those who takes a new resolution each year? Whether you are used to it or not, we have decided to offer you some ideas for good resolutions to adopt in order to improve your wellbeing this year. Do not hesitate to modify them to suit you … and so that you can hold onto them for a long time!


5 resolutions to improve your well-being

1 – Think about yourself

The first resolution we propose is rather broad: think about yourself! By putting your well-being first, you will make sure to remember to take care of yourself. Here are some more concrete ideas: eat better, spoil yourself more often, get a massage, take the time to relax a little each day, bask in the bath every night … You are in charge of your happiness.

2 – Participate in a monthly challenge

If you like to surpass yourself, why not write a list of 12 challenges to achieve in the year? Choose the ones that speak to you the most and change your challenge every time. Some habits will stay the course, others will not, but you will have tried new things to improve your well-being throughout the year.

3 – Improve your sleep conditions

Have you been due for several years to get a new mattress? It’s now or never. Change your pillows, get yourself a comfortable mattress, buy new sheets, and include a diffuser of essential oils to your bedside table. By improving your sleep conditions, you will definitely be better in your bedroom.

4 – Adopt a new habit

Have you ever tried to meditate or practice yoga before going to bed? Adopting a healthy habit will make you feel better about yourself. You may also decide to have better lunch or wash your sheets more often.

5 – Read more

Reading is an excellent excuse to slow down. Whether you’re reading books about sleep or your favorite novel, this little you-time will surely relax you and make you feel calmer and rested.