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5 products that will keep you cooler at night

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5 products that will keep you cooler at night

When the night falls, it’s unavoidable. You’ll feel hot, uncomfortable and you might be sweating intensely! Even with the windows open, you can’t escape it. Here are some products available at Matelas Bonheur that will certainly help you to keep cooler at night.

Technogel Pillows

Technogel pillows feature good breathability and an improved cooling effect. So they’re ideal for keeping you cool all night! How does it work? According to Technogel, “A patent-pending concept offers a range of air tunnels going through the top and the bottom of the pillow that improve Technogel’s high natural thermal conductivity to keep you cool, comfortable and allow you to sleep deeply. “Ideal if you often feel hot on the back of your neck!

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Zedbed’s Cloud lavender Pillow

This pillow is made entirely in Quebec and is ideal for people who sweat a lot at night. Infused with gel crystals and lavender, it will keep you cool night. In addition, the pillow’s ventilation system provides remarkable freshness while limiting problematic perspiration.

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Titanium Aero Oxygen Pillow Cover

A waterproof pillow cover that remains breathable and that wicks away moisture, does it exist? Of course, we created it! From our own Oxygène brand, the Titanium pillow cover keeps your pillow dry all night long, it’s guaranteed.

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Technogel Mattresses

Technogel mattresses are ultra comfortable. Plus, they’re perfect for people who feel hot at night and need a little help staying cool. According to Technogel, “Technogel’s naturally high thermal conductivity helps disperse heat from your body throughout the night. In addition, an innovative grid design promotes air circulation and breathability to enhance thermal regulation.”

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Oxygen Naturo Mattress Cover

This mattress cover helps keep your body cool so you can get a good night’s sleep. It is made of 100% natural Wool and 100% natural cotton. Also, you should know that it is completely waterproof.

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