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4 Orthex products for a good night’s sleep on the side

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4 Orthex products for a good night’s sleep on the side

4 Orthex products for a good night’s sleep on the side

Do you know the Canadian company Orthex? Orthex is the leading manufacturer of orthopaedic memory foam cushions in Canada. Their orthopaedic products are designed to optimize the position you take to sleep, and thus improve the quality of your sleep. The quality cushions they manufacture provide excellent back, neck and lumbar support, optimal knee comfort, better digestion, breathing and blood circulation as well as beneficial relaxation. Interested in learning more? In this article, discover 4 products to sleep well on the side.

 Orthex Somnia 4’’ – Ergonomic pillow for side sleeper

This ergonomic pillow is ideal for side sleepers. Since it is essential that the neck and head are aligned to avoid tension, this superb pillow has a high density reinforcement. The neck section is thicker and longer, but more flexible, which has the effect of limiting cervical tension to a minimum. This pillow even has a specific area to insert the shoulder. This ensures a separation between the neck and the trapezius, which reduces the pressure on the shoulder. Worth the try!

Orthex Somnia 5’’ – Ergonomic pillow for side sleeper

Like the Somnia 4” pillow, this postural pillow is made of high-density viscoelastic foam infused with gel and then covered with a hypoallergenic and antibacterial bamboo cover. This cover offers protection against moisture and heat. If you prefer thicker pillows to thinner ones, choose this 5″ model.

Orthex Somnia 3,5’’ – Ergonomic pillow in small size for travel

The Somnia 3.5″ postural pillow is the right model for you if you travel a lot. You can obtain the comfort and relief of your neck pain offered by Orthex products during your travels. It is very similar to the models presented above, but smaller and more versatile. It is also suitable for people who sleep on their backs.

Orthex Symbia 3’’ – Orthopedic knee cushion

Do you sleep on your side and often wake up with pain in your pelvis, knees or ankles? Recover the natural alignment of your body for a pain-free sleep with this orthopedic cushion. All you need to do is place this cushion between your legs, from knees to ankles, to increase your comfort level and wake you up in great shape.


Did you know about Orthex products? Have you ever tried them to improve your sleep?