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3 ways to use the color of the year in your bedroom

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3 ways to use the color of the year in your bedroom

Each year, Pantone designates a color as the color of the year. This year, its team of color expert is offering us “ultraviolet”. According to them, ultraviolet is a “complex and contemplative color, which suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the plot of what awaits us and discoveries beyond what we are today. The vast and unlimited night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own. “Since this color is very inspiring but very bright, we wanted to suggest some ideas for applying it in your bedroom. Here they are!

1- Ultraviolet on personalised wall

When it comes to interior design, Pantone teaches us that “ultraviolet is a colour that can take you in all directions, whether in tradition, elegance or unexpected audacity. “On the accent wall in the bedroom, she draws attention to a light-coloured padded headboard or a giant piece of art placed at the headboard.

2- Ultraviolet in accessory

To use ultraviolet in a more subtle way, but always radiant, we suggest you add a few accessories of this colour to your decor. On a light and neutral bed, cushions in the colour of the year will add a touch of colour. Combined with grey cushions, the colour becomes softer. Combined with gold touches, the colour becomes more modern. It’s up to you to do some tests to create a decor that suits your image and promotes relaxation and sleep.

3- Ultraviolet in art

Finally, why not find a beautiful piece of art that contains this colour for your bedroom? Whether inspired by the cosmos, such as ultraviolet colour, or simply an abstract work in purple colours, it will certainly add originality to your living space.

Psit! Want to know with which colours to mix the colour of the year? Pantone offers several colour palettes to help you.

Will you dare to change your decor with the colour of the year? Do you have any other ideas for integrating it into your interior design? Feel free to comment below!